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bootcampCenturion Systems Limited invites you to The SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition ) boot camp on 27TH January 2018 at our premises  in Westlands along Raphta Rd, New Rehema Hse 2nd floor from 9:00P.M-12:00P.M

The Central focus will be improving efficiency in the Water distribution sector, Manufacturing, Processing and Assembly Industries Using ADROIT (A Distributed Real Time Object oriented Intelligent Toolkit. )

Companies In specified fields are invited. Students from Universities and TVET Institution are welcome.

Registration close on  26rd January 2018 with a 500/- facilitation fee.
Hotel booking for delegates will be available on request.


  •       Introduction to  Features of the SCADA system
  •       Evolution to IoT (Internet of Things) integration and intelligence in data analysis, performance anywhere which brings optimum efficiency and reduce mobility by incorporating mobile access from Tablets and android gadgets in line with Kenya Vision 2030 Industrial automation for efficiency and maximize production.
  •     Hands on interaction with the SCADA Engineering tool,  ADROIT.
  •      Linking interested Clients with ADROIT support team at South Africa.


  • Object Oriented – It is performance driven and  can be integrated with Water management, Oil and Refinery, Food processing, mining, paper pulp, motor assembly Industries and most manufacturing processes.
  • Compatibility- It is compatible with  onfield devices from all manufacturers e.g. Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi, ADAMS, ABB, IBM FESTO, MODIBUS among others.
  • Intelligent – Data flow, auditing and reporting with no need to purchase Enterprise Manufacturing Executive Systems MES solutions.

Other functionalities to be shown will be,

  • Visibility and reporting using standard tools such as Excel.
  • Web based reporting using EEMUA guideline.

Architecture and redundancy that allows a plant to run at maximum production levels.

  • Enabled with World class Alarming
  • Configured with Security on both data flow and client end access.

Participants will interact with the tool on basis of the functionalities featured above.

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