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Condition Monitoring

1. Predictive Maintenance and Implementation Considerations
Yesterday’s and today’s maintenance culture and philosophies
Asset optimization (cost- benefit)
Predictive Maintenance Program (PMP) Implementation: Justification, level, team,hardware/software, selecting PMP machinery, collecting PMP machinery information,establishing alarms, set up PMP database, collect data, store data, compile PMP reports, fixed intervals surveys, perform analysis, correct fault and document, training,monitoring PMP effectiveness.

2. Introduction to Vibration Analysis
What is vibration? Amplitude, motions, frequency, vibration signal processing steps,Fourier transforms, time waveform and its frequency spectrum, breakdown of the frequency domain, sub synchronous components, synchronous components, nonsynchronous components, phase, overall measurement vs frequency band, lines of resolutions
Data collection: overview, machinery monitoring, measurement sensor position, naming and position identification convention, optimum measurement conditions, vibration measurement, vibration transducers
Spectrum Analysis Techniques: overview, collect useful information, analyze,misalignment, imbalance, looseness, bent shaft, bearing cocked on a shaft, bearing defects.

3. Introduction to Infrared Analysis
Thermography, Infrared Radiation, visible and IR spectrum, properties of IR, spot radiometer versus thermal imager, see the heat see the problem, examples electrical/mechanical, reporting.

4. Introduction to Oil Analysis
Basic Lubrication Introduction
Wear Rates Impact Maintenance Priorities
Industrial Oil Analysis (Chemistry, Wear and Contamination)
Where to use Oil Analysis
Sampling Considerations and hints

3 Days each

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