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CSL Consulting

CSL Consulting work with clients to deliver unique Local Content and Capacity Building consultancy services to bridge standards gaps and provide sustainable solutions for a more efficient operating environment. We combine unique services and skill-sets to provide clients with the required strategy, framework and capabilities to deliver project results and business success.

Core focus areas for companies seeking to deliver infrastructure projects are time, cost and quality; anything that can adversely affect these criteria are deemed as risks. The operating environment in African nations may reduce investor confidence due to perceived risks, while host countries view such projects as an opportunity to grow their economies with the resultant expectations and challenges for delivering on areas such as employment, procurement/contracting, equity ownership, technology transfer and research and development (R&D).

These elements are collectively termed as Local Content in the extractives industry sector and are often enshrined in legislation. This approach is becoming more common across the continent, while the drive for value-chain opportunities within infrastructure projects becomes more prevalent within other industry sectors, such as renewable energy. Due to the complexity of delivering Local Content many companies are unable to meet the challenges of mitigating above groundrisks caused by unmet expectations.

We can navigate the risks of Local Content criteria both locally and nationally through clear strategy and project delivery, agreed between Infrastructure Investors, Governments and communities, to build capacity. Results for our clients are that expectations and relationships can be managed, technology transfer is achieved, systems are integrated, legislated targets are more feasible to achieve, and a social license to operate gained and maintained.

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