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CSL Course List

Technical Competency Assessment

The Centurion Systems Technical Competency Framework is based on the skill and competency exhibited by qualified individuals in the engineering ...
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Condition Monitoring

1. Predictive Maintenance and Implementation Considerations Yesterday’s and today’s maintenance culture and philosophies Asset optimization (cost- benefit) Predictive Maintenance Program ...
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Electronic Troubleshooting

COURSE OBJECTIVES Electronic components and circuits review Electronic Troubleshooting theory and techniques for signal tracing, isolation and repair of circuit ...
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Electro Hydraulics

Courses Objective The in-depth hydraulics training combines hydraulics and electro hydraulics in order for maintenance staff to extend their technical ...
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Electro Pneumatics

Courses Objective Electro Pneumatics: After the course, you will be technically and didactically able to successfully design the electro-pneumatics Systems ...
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Hydraulics Maintenance Training

Courses Objective Most of the defects in plants and machinery that lead to a large percentage of purchase of spares ...
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Courses Objectives Hydraulics: This course provides you with an insight into hydraulic components and their functions. You will create and ...
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Introduction To Lean Production And Value Stream Mapping

Courses Objectives A Business Simulation Game Taking the form of a strategy game, this training gives you a holistic view ...
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Industrial Data Networks

INTRODUCTION Industrial Data Networks: This course provides an insight in the variety of networks that can be applied in an ...
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Instrumentation And Calibration

COURSE OBJECTIVE Instrumentation And Calibration is a course that empowers participants with modern and cost effective skills on how to ...
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