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Electro Hydraulics

Courses Objective
The in-depth hydraulics training combines hydraulics and electro hydraulics in order for maintenance staff to extend their technical and methodical knowledge. This enables specific issues relating to maintenance to be dealt with in more detail.

Design Engineers, Plant Engineers, Maintenance staff and instructors

Standards and safety regulations
Design and function of hydraulic power supply systems
Design and function of hydraulic valves for controlling direction, speed, position and force
Hydraulic drives for linear and rotary movements
Electric signal control for hydraulic power section with switching solenoid and proportional solenoid interfaces
Synchronized controls, valve fittings, hydraulic reservoir circuits
Systematic troubleshooting, damage analysis and weakness elimination
Intensive practical training involving design of control systems based on circuit diagrams,commissioning and testing

The Participant:
Can identify and describe the design, features and operation of electro-hydraulic and electrical components
Can identify and explain symbols for hydraulic, electro – hydraulic and electrical components
Knows the features of special application and piloted valves, special cylinders and hydraulic motors
Can design, assemble and test electro – hydraulic circuits
Can read and interpret hydraulic and electro – hydraulic circuit diagrams
Can apply the principles of systematic troubleshooting to real applications

5 Days
Level: 1,2,3

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