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Electro Pneumatics

Courses Objective
Electro Pneumatics: After the course, you will be technically and didactically able to successfully design the electro-pneumatics Systems in your company.
You will be familiarized with different technologies, identify differences and similarities and be given an opportunity for an in-depth discussion.

Design Engineers, Plant Engineers, Maintenance staff and instructors

Electrical principles
Electrical and pneumatic symbols and standards
Interaction of electrical control section and pneumatic power section
Function of signal generators (push buttons, switches and relays)
Components of power section and control section
Electronic proximity sensors (inductive, capacitive and infrared)
Systematic production and reading of electrical circuit diagrams
Operating modes of electro – pneumatic control systems
Coordinated sequence controls
Fault finding procedures and systematic troubleshooting
Safety regulations and valid standards for electrical engineering and pneumatics
Practical exercises for all circuits “hands-on”
Typical Industrial circuits

The Participant:
can describe the functional relationship between pneumatic and electrical components
can identify and describe the design, features and operation of electro – pneumatic and electrical components
can identify and explain symbols for electro – pneumatic and electrical components
can design, assemble and test an electro – pneumatic circuit
can read and interpret electro – pneumatic circuit diagrams
knows the role of a eletro pneumatics in automation

5 Days
Level: 1,2,3

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