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Electronic Troubleshooting

Electronic components and circuits review
Electronic Troubleshooting theory and techniques for signal tracing, isolation and repair of circuit faults
Use DMM, oscilloscopes and common test equipment in lab to locate and repair digital logic and solid-state circuits

Those with background knowledge in Electronics and wish to enhance hands on troubleshooting and repair techniques.

• Level One
Using basic electronic test equipment
EPROM testing
Shorts location on PCB boards
Linear IC Testing
Digital IC testing
Using current clamp meters

• Level Two
Linear PCB IC testing in circuit
PCB reworking
Emulation PCB IC testing in circuits
Back driving PCB IC testing in circuit
Use of infrared thermometers, portable scope meters, signal generators, frequency counter, merge meters etc.

Personnel will be able to quickly and systematically diagnose problems occurring within the organization’s equipment.
There will be reduced downtime on organization’s equipment.
80% of equipment fault will be dealt with in-house
There will be tremendous reduction in costs related to repairs

5 Days
Level: 1,2,3

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