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Courses Objectives
Hydraulics: This course provides you with an insight into hydraulic components and their functions. You will create and read circuit diagrams, set the pressure and position the hydraulic drives.
You will also learn the basics of electrical drives, enabling you to commission electro hydraulic systems. As in all Centurion Systems trainings, there is an emphasis on practical exercises.

FA: Operators, Maintenance, Engineering, Trainer
PA: Operators Field-Process-Laboratory, Maintenance Process-Engineering, Design/
Engineering, Trainer/Consultant

Equipment and circuit diagram symbols, reading and interpreting basic hydraulic circuit diagrams
Physical principles
Structure and mode of operation of basic components
Measuring volumetric flow and pressure
Technology and characteristic data of valves and drive elements
Intensive training for industrial practice: setting up systems in accordance with circuit diagrams, commissioning
Fundamentals of proportional hydraulics
Structure of simple relay controls

The participant will be able to:
design, assemble and test basic hydraulic circuits
maintain and troubleshoot basic hydraulic control systems
identify and describe the construction, design features and operation of hydraulic components
interpret technical specifications and data relating to hydraulic components and systems
identify and explain graphical symbols for hydraulic components
describe fundamentals of oil flow

5 Days
Level: 1,2,3

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