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Industrial Data Networks

Industrial Data Networks: This course provides an insight in the variety of networks that can be applied in an industrial automation system, modification methods to optimize production, network specifications and how to react appropriately to errors and alarms. The course discusses possible causes for a network not functioning properly, such as poor design or poor installation. Industrial data networks are crucial for a total automation solution; it is in fact the backbone of production continuity.

The complexity of data communication, but also the user demands, has lead to a wide variety of industrial networks. Many companies have chosen for different network systems throughout different hierarchical layers within the organisation. This course covers the most common networks that can be found per layer, such as sensors/actuators, buses, fieldbuses and local networks (LAN),PLC

This course has been designed for people who need to design, install, control (fault finding,security, configuration and performance) and modify industrial data networks. This training is the bases for becoming a good designer (further training is required to achieve this) and covers installation, control and modification techniques.
(Pre) Knowledge
In addition to general experience with industrial automation systems, participants should have basic electro technical skills as well as MS Windows, PLC and Sensorics

Specific Contents
Introduction industrial data networks
Serial connections: RS232/RS422/RS485
Profibus / AS-I bus
Devicenet / ControlNet
Modbus and ModbusTCP
Industrial Ethernet TCIP
Fibre optics

You can accentuate your personal preference by indicating the networks you are using in your applications prior to the course. The course can then be modified to suit your needs.

4 Days
Level: 1,2,3

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