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Maintenance Strategies And Total Productive Maintenance

Maintenance Strategies And Total Productive Maintenance is a course that provides service technician with an overview of commonly used maintenance strategies, compares these based on different requirements and thus provides you with a basis for making maintenance decisions to maximize availability in your own company.

Maintenance, Design/Engineering, Trainer, Management

Production systems and their influence on maintenance
Six typical types of machine and system loss
Roles and self-image in maintenance
Organizational structures for maintenance
Comparison of maintenance strategies:
Event-oriented maintenance
Routine maintenance
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RBM)
Risk-Based Maintenance (RBM)
Data for recording maintenance performance
Examples and practical’s exercises

The participant:
Can establish source of loss on machines and systems
Sees maintenance as a service provider for production
Can evaluate various maintenance strategies and select the appropriate one for the company or various machine
Can implement the company’s maintenance strategies
Can select and collect data for recording maintenance performance

Experience in maintenance
2 days

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