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PLC Programmable Logic Controllers

PLC Programmable Logic Controllers is a training course that focuses on the concept of hardware and software together with a practical hands-on introduction to uses, hardware configuration, uploading /down loading program and fault finding. All topics are illustrated through practical exercises on training simulator using the Siemens PLC S7 300 series, Allen Bradley, Telemecanique, ABB, Omron, B&R and Mitsubishi.

Personnel in Maintenance, Process-Engineering, Trainers.

Introduction to PLC architecture
Differences between relay based system and PLC based systems
Differences between PC based and PLC based systems
Advantages of PLCs
Logical flow concept
Scan time information
PLC addressing concept
Creating new projects in various PLC software
Symbol table
Force table (for forcing output various variables)
Developing the ladder diagram in various PLC software
Information oriented with MPI cable adapter communication cable
Purpose of MPI and rs232 programming cable
Maintenance practices
Troubleshooting actual problems
Advanced diagnostics
Documentation and backup of PLC programs

The Participant:
Understand and create complex program structures
Make changes and additions to programs developed by others.
Implement modes such as automatic, manual and emergency stop.
Combine various modules of structured programs.
Create, read out and change hardware configurations.
Find errors in complex programs quickly and efficiently
Establish reasons for machine stoppages with the aid of the PLC program.
Create and commission PLC programs with logic associations and sequences.

5 Days
Level: 1,2,3

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