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Pneumatics Maintenance

Extend your specialist knowledge of pneumatic control systems and improve your methodical skills. Practical exercises on training equipment for setting up, commissioning, troubleshooting and fault elimination make it easier to transfer knowledge to your day-today work.

Design Engineers, Plant Engineers, Maintenance staff and instructors

Pneumatic Symbols and Standards (Revision)
Pneumatic power generation, preparation and distribution
Design, function and identification of pneumatic components
Construction and reading analysis of pneumatic circuits
Reviewing, completing and using machine documentation
Developing and applying troubleshooting strategies
Optimizing systems using fault documentation
Learning and applying safety regulations and valid standards
Practical exercise and systematic “hands-on” troubleshooting

The Participant:
knows and can identify the problems associated with poor compressed air preparation
can set up and commission pneumatic systems
can maintain and systematically troubleshoot pneumatic control systems
can understand the causes of downtime and failures
can interpret latest standards and regulations

5 Days
Level: 1,2,3

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