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SASA Conference Exhibition Kenyatta University

The Annual SASA Conference Exhibition was held in Kenyatta University from 22nd to 26th August, 2016. The main focus of the conference was;

[1] Engaging international science & technology collaborations,

[2]Promoting science & technology research,

[3]Translating academic research to innovations,

[4][Accelerating Infrastructural development,

[5]Transforming the academic curriculum for advancing science, technology and innovation,

[6]Harmonizing country-to-country variations in science policy and government funding of research. Centurion Systems being a TVET institution participated in the conference showcasing on how the Internet of Things is going to change the field of Industrial Automation and Motion Control. Centurion Systems is working on models to have Systems such as SCADA taken to the internet to foster

IoT. “I like what you are doing with regards to IOT. This is a field that is going to change the whole field of industrial Automation. I like what Centurion is doing to leverage the skill gap in the Kenyan Industry. Such institutions should be set up also in other countries in Africa” said Prof Obi Akinyemi From Nigeria

Dr. Desai, Centurion Systems MD, gave a talk on the initiatives Centurion Systems has put in place to link industry with academics. Dr. Desai was also there to answer pertinent issues in the University Sector and the lessons learnt that should be considered to improve the field of industrial Automation and Motion Control. Centurion Systems is putting up initiatives to ensure that the skill gap in the Kenyan industry is reduced in the Industry and that the training increases the productivity of the employees. CSL has organized a talk on this subject for students to learn on Industrial Internet of Things IIOT on 2nd September, 2016. This talk by Dave Wibberly of Adroit Technologies a private South African-based software development company and has been developing award winning real-time software for the industrial automation markets

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