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Scada Supervision Control And Data Acquisition

SCADA training is an advancement of PLC training where the student is trained on how to incorporate his knowledge of PLC’s and basic automation to build, maintain and troubleshoot large scale computer systems for monitoring conditions in a plant, factory or process.

Practical Hands on experience with design of SCADA systems
Learners build and maintain systems unique to their own experiences and workplaces
Highly qualified technical team of trainers with widespread industrial experience
Advanced training kits incorporating the latest software, design tools, sensors and instruments

Practical hands on experience in a risk free environment ensure the learner has better skill and knowledge retention.
A clear understanding of how SCADA systems work leads to increased employee productivity and output in the use of modern automated systems Increased safety and work practices in the use of SCADA systems Reducing organizational costs and turn-around time when such systems are eventually implemented.
Increase the motivation and job satisfaction of staff who undertake the training to actually develop or implement systems that result in increased efficiency.

Examples of a SCADA System

• Building the interface
• Connecting sensors (temperature,pressure, fibre-optic)

SCADA systems
• SCADA software (Labview 2010,WinCC Flexible 2008)
• Data Acquisition devices
• Cable connections
• Relay control
• Alarming

Building SCADA systems
• Information gathering
• Analysis and design
• Implementation
• Review
• Troubleshooting


5 Days
Level: 1,2,3

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