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STEM Project

CSL Experience and Efforts in Promoting STEM

To promote STEM, Centurion Systems has been working with high school and primary schools in enhancing STEM in their institutions, link students to careers, engineering companies and provide mentorship. The program also encourages young girls to pursue STEM career pathways as their number is currently under-represented in comparison to the boy child. These include Braeside, Braeburn, Brookehouse and Aga Khan Schools.

CSL has also been organizer and host of IEEE Students category exhibitions in East Africa, organizer and sponsor of Annual Engineering Students Expo among other science and innovation activities in Kenya. Centurion is also the founding partners and incubates LIWA (Linking Industry With Academia) an organization that provides platform for collaboration between academia and the industry through Sector Boards, Sector skills Advisory Councils (SSAC) and membership of TVET Institutions and Universities in LIWA. The SSACs have been instrumental in creating occupational standards and curriculum that have thus far been approved by CDACC.

Further, CSL is engaged in the skills and capacity development of TVET and university students through technical training, support in applied research and linking them to industry through attachment, internships and apprenticeship with the aim of increasing their chances of meaningful employment, entrepreneurial capacity hence livelihood improvement. Through a ToT program TVET trainers and university lecturers’ skills are further developed so as to equip them with industry relevant skills with the latest trends and technology. This builds up on their existing academic knowledge and henceforth they are able to transfer the skills to students who would graduate with skills and competencies to meet industry needs.

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