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CSL Technical

Minimum downtime and the optimum use of staff and resources are key to sustainable success in industry. CSL Technical provides clients with integrated solutions across planning, operations, modernization, engineer and build services for greater productivity, flexibility, and efficiency throughout the life-cycle of a process or industrial plant – reliably, globally, and around the clock.

Technical Support

Our in-depth technology, product knowledge and industry expertise across our global expert partner network ensures we possess a considerable competitive edge. We assist clients with the selection of products and systems for efficient industrial output and provide product training, application support, and configuration verification in all phases of a process life cycle and in all questions related to product safety.

Energy & Environmental Services

We provide integrated solutions that unlock technical and organisational potential for efficient energy consumption and resource conservation. Customized services are aimed at sustainably lowering the cost of energy and environmental protection and thus increasing plant efficiency and availability. Our Technical team provide support in the conceptual design and implementation of systematic solutions for energy and environmental management, enabling maximum energy efficiency and consumption. Through advanced technology and improved data transparency we make it possible to identify savings potential, reduce emissions, optimize production processes, and thereby noticeably cut costs.

Expert Consultation

Field services from CSL help save substantial time and money while also guaranteeing maximum safety. Our engineering support offers competent assistance throughout the entire project, from developing a precise structure for start up to product-specific preparation for implementation as well as support services in areas such as prototype development, testing, and acceptance.


High machine availability, expanded functionality, and selective energy savings are decisive factors for increasing productivity and lowering costs. Whether a client wants to modernize individual machines, optimize drive systems, or upgrade entire plants, CSL experts support projects from planning to commissioning. Expert consulting and project management solutions identify savings potential within the production process, securing investments over the long term and increasing economic efficiency in operations.

Maintenance & Condition Monitoring

Maintenance and status monitoring as well as the implementation of integrated security concepts by CSL’ experts support optimum plant use and avoid downtime. The services include maintenance management as well as consulting on maintenance concepts, including the complete handling and execution of the necessary measures. Complete solutions also cover remote services, including analysis, remote diagnosis, and remote monitoring based on the CSL Remote Services platform with certified IT security.

Water Services

Numerous industrial products depend on the quality of the water used in production. Water purification systems must operate reliably to ensure maximum product quality, while waste water must be recycled safely and without harming the environment. Our service portfolio includes leasing mobile water purification systems, spare parts, and consumables as well as the replacement of carbon media and operator models. With these services, CSL ensures maximum water quality and reliable water purification, which is cost-effective and in compliance with all relevant regulations.

Service Contracts

We provide a number of modular and customized Service Contract options, which are more cost-effective and efficient by reducing interfaces, speeding up response times, and unburdening company resources. Service packages include local and remote maintenance for a system or product group in automation and drive technology. Whether you need extended service periods, defined response times, or special maintenance intervals, our services are customized to meet your needs, and can be adjusted flexibly at any time and used independently of each other. The expertise of CSL’ specialists and the capabilities of remote maintenance will ensure reliable and fast maintenance processes throughout a process life-cycle resulting in reduced down times and increased productivity.

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